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Quality is an essential factor at Nemesio Zubia. We apply the necessary rigour and controls to each project in order to secure the best possible result in the finished product.




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At NEMESIO ZUBIA we understand Quality as…

In order to achieve these objectives:

  • We use the UNE EN ISO 9001:2015 standard as a paradigm and as our chief regulatory guide to meet the requisites of customers, irrespective of the sector in which they operate.
  • We base our work on Management by Processes as the driving force behind our activity.
  • We foster continuous improvement within our organisation, and we make everyone working at NEMESIO ZUBIA part of this.
  • We involve our suppliers, our customers and our employees in this mission.

  • We work alongside customers to gain an insight into their future requirements.

  • We base our growth around this joint effort.

To demonstrate our commitments…

  • We establish, implement and maintain our Quality Policy.

  • It is drawn up for public release.

  • We notify and distribute the Policy at all levels of the organisation.

Commitment to quality

The ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate issued by Bureau Veritas bears out the high standards of our work. NEMESIO ZUBIA, continuous quality.