Pipes for the HVAC Sector


Solution offered to the sector:

The diameter of these pipes is between 4 mm and 60 mm, and they are fitted to cooling systems (air conditioning pipes, coils etc.) and boilers (piping with components). Usually made of copper, but also of other materials, they are used to convey pressurised fluids, with proper sealing to guarantee proper operation.

Description of the process:

  • Cutting and cleaning the pipe

  • Bending

  • Flaring

  • Drilling

  • Welding

  • Leak inspection

Innovation in forming processes

Flexibility in batch sizes

Speedy delivery of samples

Speedy logistics during mass-production phase

High quality standards

Qualified process

We provide specific solutions to the most stringent requirements. We are flexible, and adapt our forming process to your needs.


If you want further information on the forming process, contact us, and our experts will advise you.