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Leaders in pipe technology

Providing customised pipe-forming solutions for over 50 years

We have the know-how to provide highly technical pipe-forming solutions. We offer efficient, fully validated pipe-forming solutions to the most stringent levels of quality.

3000m2 facilities in Oñati (Gipuzkoa) with the means of production to transform piping to our customers’ requirements.





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Qualified process

We provide specific solutions to the most stringent requirements. We are flexible, and adapt our forming process to your needs.

A look at the process


We create customised solutions for strategic sectors

Agricultural tubos para el sector agricola Agricultural Solutions for Agricultural Solution offered to the sector: For diameters greater than 6 mm, these are pipes used for metal-mechanical components... Equipment Goods bienes de equipo Equipment Goods Solutions for Equipment Goods Solution offered to the sector: We offer pipe solutions for any mechanical system that requires this kind of feature Renewable Energies tubos para el sector de energias renovables Renewable Energies Solutions for Renewable Energies Solution offered to the sector: We work with pipes for heat exchangers on solar and photovoltaic panels Hydraulics Tubos para el Sector de la Hidráulica Hydraulics Solutions for Hydraulics Solution offered to the sector: In agricultural applications, our pipes convey oil... White Goods línea blanca White Goods Solutions for White Goods Solution offered to the sector: We offer pipe solutions for any domestic or industrial appliance system... Structural Pipes tubo estructural Structural Pipes Solutions for Structural Pipes Solution offered to the sector: Pipes used in structures such as signage systems, furniture, protection and guard features, handrails... HVAC climatización HVAC Solutions for HVAC Solution offered to the sector: The diameter of these pipes is between 4 mm and 60 mm, and they are fitted to cooling systems


Efficient, high-quality team work

Quality is an essential factor at Nemesio Zubia. We apply the necessary rigour and controls to each project in order to secure the best possible result in the finished product.

Since it was incorporated, Nemesio Zubia has had a reputation for commitment and proximity to the customer. Our location in Debagoiena has enabled us to build relationships of proximity, leading us to standardise and apply good practices with other customers, making us a European role model in metal pipe bending solutions. As Chief Executive Officer, I home in on initiative and a proactive attitude to undertaking projects and driving them forward, keeping ahead of any difficulties that may arise, and this is only possible thanks to all those who are a part of Nemesio Zubia.

Julia Abadía, CEO

My personal and professional background has always been connected to Nemesio Zubia. Origins, enthusiasm and sacrifice are values I have experienced at home since I was a child. I joined Nemesio Zubia after completing my studies in mechanical engineering, and over the last 25 years I have undertaken many challenges and headed up many projects, the most recent of which is my current position as Head of the Industrial Division. I have been with the company during these years of growth, and I have seen good times and other times which were more difficult and beset with uncertainty; but we have always come through, with much awareness of our customers’ needs, striving to provide them with value through our products. This has been and still is our raison d’être.

Iñaki Zubia, Head of Industrial Division

The ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate issued by Bureau Veritas bears out the high standards of our work. NEMESIO ZUBIA, continuous quality.

Quality Policy